Logger Pro  3.8.2

by Vernier Software


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Feb 23,2010
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Jul 03,2014
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Win XP/Vista/7
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Vernier Software
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Digital Data Hub of the Classroom
Think of Logger Pro as the digital data hub of the classroom and lab. It can gather data from a variety of sources:

* Vernier LabQuest
* Vernier LabQuest Mini
* Vernier LabPro
* Go!Temp
* Go! Link
* Go! Motion
* Wireless Dynamics
Sensor System
* Spectrometers
* Vernier Mini GC Gas Chromatograph
* Digital Bioimaging Systems
* ProScope HR
* Ohaus balances
* Watts Up Pro
* Popular TI graphing calculators
* GPS Sensors
* Video
* Images
* Manual D

Intuitive and Easy to Use
Logger Pro is the most popular data-collection program in science and math education because students find our software easier to learn than other data-collection programs.

Synchronized Video Capture
Use Logger Pro with a The ProScope or DV camera to add a video synchronized with your data, or use the video to track the position of an object, frame by frame, for graphing and further analysis.

Over 1000 Experiment Files Included
Logger Pro includes over 1000 experiment files from our popular Vernier lab books. To perform any of the activities, just open the experiment file for the activity and the learning begins.

One Program Does It All
For only $258, Logger Pro includes a generous site license that allows a school or a college department to install Logger Pro on every school computer, all instructor computers, AND the students' home computers.

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