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Albumizer is a comprehensive software that converts raw photographs into unique, designer photo books in a smart, fast & easy way. It is a combination of Photoshop and the skills of a professional designer; a mix that makes it one of the most advanced and intelligent album designing software available today. Complex algorithms and creative enhancements give you real power to create amazing album designs.

Unlike other popular software that carries readymade templates, Albumizer creates new templates each time to suit your need. It has several powerful and useful functions to get you started, working from a clear interface and coming up with a great photo book. The promise of Albumizer lies in these innovative features, flexibility and cost benefits made available through a "Pay-per-use" paradigm.

Competitive edge over other software

1. No ready templates. Albumizer generates templates based on job's requirement through USAT*. And therefore, each template would look unique.
2. Design Speed: 1 page / minute. Eliminates manual placement of images.
3. Industrial grade software, specially, made for high volume business firms. Mass production of unique designs.
4. 3x smarter disk space management
5. Huge in-built creative content
6. 17 dimensions and 25 Themes
7. Fits any number of images perfectly in desired no. of pages through Page Fit Matrix*
8. All this in just a 1.2GB compact and dynamic solution, which includes creative content.

* Under process of Patenting.

Benefits to the users

1. 60% saving in manpower cost. (Saving on account of computer, space, power cost is not included)
2. Substantial improvement in turn-around-time leading to increased customer satisfaction.
3. 17 dimension in single software
4. Reduced dependency on the designers and designing skills
5. Don't pay for the software. Pay only for the usage.

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