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Sep 20,2012
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Jul 03,2014
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7Edit is a productivity tool for browsing, editing, validating HL7 messages and exchanging data with HL7 applications. Some of 7Edit's key features include:

View HL7 Messages
7Edit makes HL7 messages easily readable and allows you to identify segments and fields simply by pointing at them. No need to wade through specifications. Save your time and money.

Edit HL7 Messages
Editing HL7 messages has never been simpler. 7Edit takes care of data positioning, formatting and places delimiters automatically.

Validate HL7 Messages
7Edit allows you to validate messages, manage profiles, save reports, debug and refine issues easily.

Send/Receive HL7 Messages
7Edit allows you to simulate and test data exchange with HL7 systems that support TCP/IP or Serial connections.

Export HL7 Messages to Excel and XML
7Edit allows you to export HL7 messages to Excel, XML and HL7-XML 2.x formats.

Customize Definitions and Tables
7Edit allows customizing existing definitions and tables for your needs. You can also define your own data structures like Z-segments.


View HL7 Messages

* Identify HL7 messages, segments and fields by pointing at them
* View details such as maximum length, table number, optionality, etc.
* View dates and timestamps in a human-readable format
* Use search to find messages, segments and fields
* Work with multiple messages simultaneously
* Work with large files containing thousands of messages (up to 100K)
* Work with Unicode and non-Latin messages
* Work with non-standard messages, delimiters and Z-segments
* Compare HL7 messages
* Print HL7 messages
* All popular HL7 versions supported: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.4, 2.5,
2.5.1 and 2.6.

Edit HL7 Messages

* Create new HL7 messages from scratch
* Add/Modify/Remove messages, segments and fields
* Use date picker for DTM fields and timestamps
* Import/Export HL7-XML 2.x format
* Export to Excel and XML format
* Generate XML schema (XSD) for a message

Validate HL7 Messages

* Validate messages, debug and refine issues
* Fix simple issues in a mouse click
* Control which probems to find/report
* Export list of problems to a file

Send/Receive HL7 Messages

* Send/Receive messages from your desktop using TCP/IP, Serial, MLLP
* Use custom message wrapping (for MLLP)
* Capture, view and save messages sent/received

Customize Definitions and Tables

* Customize existing definitions and tables for your needs
* Add custom messages, Z-segments, fields and tables
* Add custom tables

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