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Jan 17,2014
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8
card + board
33 MB

Underwater Chess 3D

by theInteractiveStudio



The most fun, innovative, engaging and immersive way to learn and play chess!

Playing Chess has proven to help exercise both sides of the brain, increase one's IQ and helps in increasing problem-solving skills. However, many a times, children and even adults find it challenging to learn as there are many rules and a lack of interactivity and animation.

Underwater Chess 3D is designed specially to help you learn chess easily. It is infused with 3D marine animals, battle animations, explosions, lightning, harpoons, sea mines to help learning chess fun, easy and addictive. Imagine the fun of watching how your Queen Orca zapping the Dolphin Bishop with lightning or the Rook Stingray check mate the King Giant Turtle with fiery harpoons!

Underwater Chess is also an interactive 3D marine where you can interact with your marine animals and see them come alive

4 Different Gameplay to choose from:

#1 : Play the classic Animal Chess Edition
#2 : Play the Last Animal Standing Edition
#3 : Play the Special Animal Chess Edition
#4 : Interactive Marine Aquarium with Interactive and Animated 3D Marine animals

You can also design your own chess board and choose your winning colors!

Be amazed with Underwater Chess 3D.

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Underwater Chess 3D Screenshots

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music library,media playback,data services,movement and directional sensor,web browser component,HD720P (720x1280),WXGA (768x1280)

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