All Windows Phone Apps By Kevin Clarke

This is a simple split timer that allows you to record up to fifteen split times

Vibration Fun app is a cross between a musical instrument and a handheld massager, Vibration Fun provides an interesting way to create your own custom vibrating patterns

This Baby Language app helps both new and experienced parents to communicate with their baby at an early age, with the use of baby sign language

If someone finds you in a state in which you are unable to communicate, that person might check your phone for important information about yourself

Turn your Windows Phone into a Color Flashlight. This Flashlight operates in two modes SOS and Strobe light

This Counting App increments a counter every time you tap the screen

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, perfectly formatted for windows phone

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, perfectly formatted for windows phone

Sharpen your memory with this memory game. Try and match all eight pairs of icons with the least amount of tries as possible

101 Inspirational quotes app is the ultimate source for giving and sharing great inspirations to both yourself and others