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Zombies! They are coming out! The prosperity city has been lost, the beautiful oasis has become to desert

Our tiny dog hero wants to fly like a bird. But they has no wings

The 2048 game is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game

-------whta's new------------ 1)Custom color you like!! 2)Custom music you like!! 3)Better game experience! The most popular "Don't Tap The White Tile" Game on iOS US Store is coming! Plenty of piano songs in this game! You can be the crazy pianist! We

Flappy Bird 3 here! Plenty of awesome game modes! ***What’s new in V1

***What's New1.2.0.0*** 1)Add a new mode -- Basketeball mode 2)

All must survive the run. Can’t lose one, can’t let one die

Swipe the black arrows in the same direction, the blue arrows in the opposite direction

Up Up Heroes is very simple:Tap to change direction