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May 09,2014
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8
5 MB

Piano pieces

by ThunderStone.Game



Piano pieces, this is only a rule of this game is very simple, right? Anyone can be played, but not everyone can have a good time Oh,
How about you? How was your day?

The game has three modes:
* Classic mode *, the fastest to reach the end
* Arcade Mode *, etc., how would you have the ability etc., how, without any restrictions, and this is the most challenging one mode
* Zen mode *, in 30 seconds you can walk a few steps to see that I play to a 86-step, How about you?

Easy to play, young and old, can be described as home to work travel + boredom was a weapon oh

Warning, this game is very addictive, self-control bad people cautious play!

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App Requires:
phone identity,owner identity,music library,photos library,media playback,data services,phone dialer,movement and directional sensor,web browser component,HD720P (720x1280),WVGA (480x800),WXGA (768x12

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