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Jan 18,2011
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Browser To WP7

by code6421



Browser To WP7 provides:

1. send link(url)/selection text/custom text from IE8/9,Chrome,FireFox to your Windows Phone 7

2. send image from IE8/9,Chrome to your Windows Phone 7

3. after link is sent , you can:
3.1 navigate the link with Browser.
3.2 send the link via SMS/EMail
3.3 delete link

4. after selection/custom text is sent, you can:
4.1 search text with Google/Bing
4.2 dial
4.3 send text via SMS/EMail
4.4 delete a text.
4.5 navigate to with Google Map (GPS)/Bing Map(GPS)

5. after image is sent, you can:
5.1 save image to media library.
5.2 delete image.
5.3 click to show image(large size).

6. File Hub
6.1 with File Hub Server Installed, you can navigate your computer folders from you Windows Phone,just like file explorer.

in first use, the application will issue a ID for you,
then you must use IE8/9 or Chrome,FireFox navigate to

in IE8/9:

1. enter you ID and click Get Accelerator button,
2. then click Install Button to install Accelerator(Browser To WP7).
3. if you want send image from IE8/9, you need download client program from this page, then click the BrowserToWP7Setup.msi to install to your computer.
(.Net Framework 2.0 required)

PS: during installing, will be ask several times authenticate for UAC, please allow it.

in Chrome:

1. click install extension link,
2. follow document to setting ID.

in FireFox:

1. enter you ID and click Get Bookmarklet button,
2. then drag the Browser To WP7 link to your firefox toolbar.

File Hub Server Install:

1. just download and install File Hub Server from
(.Net Framework 3.5 Required)

Browser To WP7 Screenshots

Total downloads:
English (United States)
App Requires:
location services,photo, music, and video libraries,data services,phone dialer,push notification service,web browser component,HD720P (720x1280),WVGA (480x800),WXGA (768x1280)

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